(Some quality is lost during scanning. The actual sheet music is clear.)

Cellists will recognise this music as the well known and well loved 'Corelli sonata in d minor'. Corelli actually wrote this sonata for violin, in the key of e minor. It is one of a set of 12 violin sonatas.

This edition transposes the sonata to the key of a minor, which places the music in the same relationship to the cello fingerboard as the original had on the violin. The original key of e minor is the key of the highest string on the violin. This cello edition, in a minor, is in the key of the highest string on the cello. The original sonata lies in the lower positions of the violin, never going high on the E string. This edition for the cello lies in the neck positions of the cello, never going high on the A string.

Transposition to the key of a minor does not transform the sonata into an 'easy' piece. It has stylistic and technical difficulties, which are inherent in the music itself. It is generally on an Intermediate playing level. The piano realization of the figured bass is in simple Baroque style.

The entire first movement is given in two versions. One line is the original melody. Another line is the melody with written-out embellishments. To write out embellishments contradicts the improvisational nature of Baroque embellishment but, by offering them here, those not skilled with embellishments can become familiar with how they might be done

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