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Rick Mooney,
Arrangement for Cello Quartet
    The Old Castle...........$ 4.50 
    (Publisher, National Cello Institute)


Auguste Franchomme,
Twelve Caprices for 2 Cellos, Opus 7, Book 1.........$ 8.50 (Publisher, Belwin Mills) CELLO METHODS Introduction to Thumb Position on the Cello…........$ 8.50 (Benoy and Sutton) (Oxford University Press)
Sonata for Cello and Piano.....$ 30.00 (Pub., Boosey & Hawkes) Benjamin Britten, Sonata in C, Opus 65 Cello part only..................$ 9.00 (edited by Rostropovich) (Pub., Boosey & Hawkes) Benjamin Britten, Suite for Solo Cello, Opus 72......$5.00 (edited by Rostropovich) Pub., Faber Music)
Ingolf Dahl,
Trio for violin, cello and piano...$ 30.00

(Pub., Southern Music) Darius Milhaud, Concerto No.2, Cello & Piano...$ 18.00
(piano reduction by composer)
(Pub.1947, Assoc.Music Pubs.)
Max Reger,
Three Suites, Opus 131c......$
18.00 (Editor,Kurtz; Pub, International) Saint Saens,
Concerto No.1, Opus 33.........$ 7.00 (Editor, J. Malkin; Pub. 1917,Carl Fischer) Saint Saens, Le Cygne (The Swan)……$ 2.00 (Editor, Buechner; Pub.,Carl Fischer) Franz Schubert,
Arpeggione Sonata,cello part only...$ 2.50

(Editor, Jan Mulder; Pub.,Int'l)
(This edition simplifies a few passages by transcribing them an octave lower.) Franz Schubert, Arpeggione Sonata, piano part only...$ 5.50 (Editor, Gunther; Pub.,Peters) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ VOCAL SCORES
G. Verdi, Requiem Vocal score and piano reduction (Old edition, gently used)....................$2.00 (Pub.1895, G. Schirmer) Early 20th Century (and a few 19th century)
Art Songs A library of over 65 scores..................$65.00 Color photos of all covers and descriptions of condition will be mailed in response to serious inquiries.
SHIPPING Before ordering any music or book, send an email to: cellohandbook@att.net Let us know the following:
1.Which items are you interested in? (You will be informed of condition.) 2. Where are you located? Your location affects the cost of some shipping methods and whether sales tax is due. Give your country - or, if within the USA, your zip code. 3. Which method of shipping do you choose? Within the USA: choose either:
Media Mail or Priority Mail. Outside the USA : International First Class Mail only. 4. Which payment method do you choose? Choose either: *Personal check by regular mail, *OR Credit card by phone *OR PAYPAL (There is a small EXTRA FEE for use of a CREDIT CARD including by PAYPAL.) (NO FEE for check or bank draft.) You will receive instructions by email for your chosen method of payment.
(See main Ordering Information page of this website for shipping the "HANDBOOK FOR CELLO STUDENTS". When music is enclosed with the HANDBOOK, shipping may be free or only slightly higher than for the HANDBOOK alone.) Within the USA: When enclosed with a Handbook, please choose Media Mail or Priority Mail. Give your zip code. Outside the USA: Cost depends upon weight and destination. International First Class Mail only. Give your location. Before ordering any music send an email to:cellohandbook@att.net
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